Rehabilitation and breeding center for wild animals

In the past 12.000 years, the Chilean native forest suffered large changes in its scope. The small importance that was attributed to its role within the ecosystem resulted in man, in his eagerness to expand agricultural lands, fragmenting and reducing the area of temperate forest, and with it the habitat of animal species.

Sometimes we feel frustrated, perhaps weighed down by seeing how the planet and its resources are dissipated by the rhythm of non-stop economic interests, just profit in mind without taking a look at the conscience, and we used to wonder… what can we do? The answer is… a lot.

To become the owner of our own life, our acts, words and dreams means to give to ourself the worth that certainly, each one possesses to give away to the world.

Our task is to wake up our consciences, and understand that every tiny gesture is important, consequential and will make an echo in some corner of the world, into the forest, into the heart of the Earth… and within you.


In Senda Nativa Romahue, we understand that to know is to love and to love is to respect ourselves and to respect everything.

Romahue is conservation, love for the river, the forest, its flora and fauna. This conservation project, which starts by protecting 150 hectares of native forest, will go ahead with the creation of a wild life conservation center, whose protagonists you will meet very soon: Tricahue parrots, Pudues (the smallest deer in the world) and Ayün Pangui (‘beloved lion’), the Puma, and it continues with you.

Our aim is to conserve the native forest and protect those who live in it, based on a life concept that targets preservation and sustainability.

And we invite you to be a part of it… it is an invitation to life, to conscience; you will feel closer to your center, your essence.

Wild Life Rehabilitation Center Gallery

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