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Interpretative Hiking
Interpretative Hiking
fly fishing
homemade lunch

Interpretative hiking

“Who does not know the Chilean Forest, does not know this planet”

Pablo Neruda

We invite you to know the world within the Native Forest with us, where you will be surprised with all the details that nature has got for you.

The Jungle Trail

We submerge ourselves into a 25 hectare native forest which has never been intervened by human beings. Walking alongside the Maullin River we will be expectators of majestic and ancient trees who will tell us a bit of the story that this forest holds.

The Woodpecker’s Trail

35 hectares of a typical evergreen Valdivian Rainforest, where ancient Mañíos (Saxegothaea conspicua), Melies (Amomyrtus meli), Canelos (Drimys winteri) and Ulmos (Eucryphia cordifolia) are the protagonists of this special trail that after 20 years has managed to survive the human impact that was done. We can witness how nature is reborn to continue delivering life.

Wild Animal Center

By visiting our park and shelter you would be already helping us in an active way, supporting our labor of rehabilitation of affected animals in the Romahue Foundation.

We count with a Wild Animal Center that is open to be visited twice daily during the whole year so we can spend a nice educational moment answering all the questions that may show up while we are observing and learning about these marvelous creatures.

Don’t forget to make a reservation, this is a guided activity that has as a priority the wellbeing of the animals in the shelter.

Bird watching

Chile, a privileged country to do this beautiful activity. Both in the native rainforest as in grasslands there are many birds of different sizes and colours. Elusive Colilarga (Sylviothorhymchus desmursii), the friendly Chucao (Scelorchilus rubecola), the mysterious Concón (Strix rufipes rufipes) or the mighty Magellanic Black Woodpecker (Campephilus magellanicus) are some of them. To go out to observe them allows us to experience the forest in a different way, silent and respectfully, wondering with its regular inhabitants.

The Maullin river holds in its channel one of the most impressive phenomena found in Chile, a Sunken Forest living till these days, sheltering a countless number of species, being one of the seven places with largest biodiversity in the world.

Lucky enough to be able to navigate through this incredible place, enjoying the sounds of nature and letting us drift being taken by the river.

Sport fishing

The Maullin River is a paradise for fly fishing practitioner (without rebarb) where you can find species like the Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Perca and Peladilla among others, which you can see jumping over water to feed on the water bowls that lie near the edge of the sunken forest.

We invite you to discover those unexplored places of the river, three magical spots we have reserved to live a tranquil and peaceful moment.

Homemade lunch

Give yourself a gift in Romahue style, where you can enjoy a plate prepared for you with all the love we have at our own firegrill, here we will spend a joyful moment as a family, sharing aperitifs and laughters.

Come and relax, we’ll take care of the food!


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